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The Gustavshof

A family-run vineyard with extraordinary tradition and individual, unmistakable wines.

By Andreas Roll

When my great-grandfather, Gustav Becker I., after whom our vineyard is named, started to build our homestead in 1924, he must have been seeing the future. As he built a generous and stylish farmstead that is still – unchanged – the icon of our vineyard.

Until 1976 the farmstead was mainly used to produce agricultural products, however, right from the start the love of winemaking was practiced and preserved in our cellar.

My father is the youngest son of a traditional vineyard. When my parents exchanged wedding vows in 1976 and my dad came to our vineyard, their ambitions were already defined: With a lot of love, innovation and idealism they formed a vineyard that is known and loved by many wine connoisseurs in Germany and abroad for its individual wines.

My father planted the very first red vine in our community against all skepticism. But he watched them prosper and ripen.

Today four generations live and work for our wine. The whole family is involved with the vineyard and is present for our customers.

The ground for many more generations is to be prepared! So that Gustavshof can produce great wines in many years to come!

See for yourself!